Transfers Services

IBK Servicios is setting to be number one company service transportation in all Dominican  Republic.   With all the airport, hotels and destination service on our program, we wont say to you that we do not  have a service or available for you, as always has a place for you!!

Tours Services

IBK Servicios is working to set all the most tours for you enjoy on your trip, so we make your vacation or business trip. We want you get the best on your vacation so rest and enjoy your special time, off work!!. We want that you check all that we have and see if you would like to do any!!

Open Services

IBK Servicios is planing that you may need something special Like: Rent a car, Rent an apartment, Rent a house, buy Land, Buy Apartment, Buy ANYTHING!!, etc.. So we are setting all the you may need on you vacation or travel bussiness!!!...